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Every One Deserves Happy Feet

Welcome to Steppin' On Up!

Steppin' On Up is a unique charity that has as it's "sole" purpose (pun intended), to provide shoes to those who are truly in need.

"Everyone Deserves Happy Feet!"

New Directors:
A. Richard D. Olquin, CFRE
Alysia Webb

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Lake Matthews Elementary

Elementary schools help get footwear to needy
Lake Matthews Elementary, encouraged by Kristyn Ungerer, is the latest in
a string of local schools, parks, and businesses to work in support of
Steppin’ On Up, a non-profit organization that provides shoes and footwear
to people who need them.

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John gives us hope

for America's future. We know your parents are proud.

National opportunity to get shoes for Steppin' On Up, Inc. Recently CDR Kirk Ferguson USN Ret. celebrated his 80th birthday here in Riverside. I know John through Rotary Club of Magnolia Center where we both have been members for a few years. Kirk's nephew who is a 9th grader and Boy Scout (plus much more) started his own shoe drive and has given shoes to Cambodians, Afrikaners and South Americans. John actually traveled to Cambodia to personally give out shoes. John brought us 59 great pairs of shoes: 31 went to First Congregational Church and the remainder went to Arlington Temporary Assistance. Thank you John Ferguson. We are honored to know you.


Volunteers are needed to place boxes at collection sites, pick up donations,
clean, sort, and distribute, as well as develop and work on future
fundraising projects.

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